27 Nov

Cooperative systems will give you a true ownership of the business that you are participating in, whatever type it is. A grower-owner in each cooperative elects a board of directors to help ensure that the business is going to run in a way with where you are going to see that fits.

Get an Added Value

If in case you are a user and an owner on each level on the supply chain or on each level of the cooperative system, you are going to get more value. You likewise will acquire some dividends.

Cooperation is Present

If you will ever join a cooperative, this will compete the market for you. When you will work cooperatively with other owners, the cooperative is going to get more prominent presence. This then gives you the best value towards your crop and will also minimize the risks that are with it.

Integration is Vertical

Through true cooperation and the case of participating in each level of the supply chain, you and your crop can then be vertical integrated and you also will get dividends from each. Being an owner and a grower, you will get a steak on each step of it to its destination. This will be able to make money for you and not from you.

Get Rural Strength

Cooperatives will be able to make your money local. The money that will go to the operations of the cooperative will be distribute to the grower and owner through dividends that then goes back to farming operations and will go to other local businesses that you like. The rural communities will be able to benefit from such economic cycle and will then be strengthened.

Acquire Support

The main purpose of cooperation would be to give the grower and owner the 
tools which is essential for keeping farming operations profitable and one which is visible. Whether it is on dividends that helps to carry you through the tough years or perhaps on opposing detrimental farm legislation and regulations, cooperatives can help protect both grower and owners.

Helps on Decision Making

Every cooperative whatever the field have experts that are available in any time of day to help make the appropriate decisions on how you could maximize on the value of your crop.

A corporation is defined as something with where people work together and join forces in order to accomplish a task that one can't do alone. 
Co-op will give a framework that allows people to acquire what they truly want in a way which will help better meet cultural, economic and social needs.

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